Nana RHB

Upcoming shows

5.10.-9.11.2023 Nana RHB [Artist´s Library], Kunstbiblioteket, København (solo)

6.11.-12.2023 Nana RHB & MatWay [Art, Love & Strategy], VOC Valby, København (duo)

Selected works by Nana RHB

About Nana RHB

Ultra-contemporary Danish artist Nana RHB born 1987 and based in Copenhagen. Mainly works with large size installations and overpaintings with main themes cardboxes and collections.

Nana RHB works with a method that focuses on recycling as an artistic expression. She collects and sorts cardboard boxes based on sizes and colors. These cardboard boxes are then combined and arranged into accumulations or installations. Nana documents these cardboard installations by taking photographs of them. The photographic documentation is subsequently printed on various materials such as paper, canvas, or tarpaulin. She also employs the technique of overpainting, where she paints and embellishes the photo prints.

The choice of overpainting technique is made by Nana because she believes that the combination of photography and painting creates an authentic reality that cannot be achieved by using each medium separately. By merging the objective aspect of photography with the subjective expression of painting, a new and unique meaning is formed. The innovation lies in the fact that the photographs acquire a new dimension and significance through the addition of painterly elements. The cardboard boxes used by Nana are filled with different objects such as books, plants, masks, or sex toys, which add a symbolic and dynamic dimension to the artwork.

Nana has always been fascinated by collections and has a personal background in a home with a tradition of collecting. This interest in diverse cultural objects has been a consistent inspiration for her artistic practice. She believes that many people have a natural inclination to collect, which is why she has chosen to explore this theme in her work.

Nana's artworks are relevant to the present time as they address our consumer culture and challenge our habits and behaviors. Through the use of recycled materials like cardboard boxes and the creation of complex structures, she raises awareness about sustainability and reuse. Her works point out our consumption patterns and encourage viewers to reflect on their actions and choices. In this way, she contributes to society by fostering a dialogue about our consumption habits and inspiring more responsible actions.

The cardboard boxes serve as a central element in Nana's work because they symbolize something basic while also enabling complex constructions. The boxes function as a bridge between object and space. They are familiar to most people, whether from moving or shipping, and they represent a connection between sender and recipient. Through the cardboard boxes, Nana creates a visual and symbolic language that conveys our shared experiences and differences.

CV of Nana RHB

born 1987 in Copenhagen, Denmark

2010-2015 Hochschule für bildende Künste, Hamburg, Germany [Prof. Pia Stadtbäumer]
2013 Erasmus exchange, Akademie der Bildenden Künste, Vienna, Austria [Prof. Florian Reither]

Exhibitions (selected)

2023 Galerie subject object, Berlin, Germany [Vom Sommer zum Sommer] (group)

        Galleri NB, Viborg, Denmark [Memory Lane] (group)

        Galerie subject object, Berlin, Germany [Camouflage] (duo)

        Galleri NB, Viborg, Denmark [The Girl with Many Eyes] (solo)

        Galleri NB, Viborg, Denmark [Firkantede Perler] (group)
2022 kunstmix, Kastelsvej [REMIX #8] (group)

        Galleri NB, Viborg, Denmark [Glance] (group)
2021 kunstmix, Galleri Fjellvang, Copenhagen, Denmark [REMIX #7] (group)
        SAK Kunstbygning, Svendborg, Denmark [Efter-billeder] (group)
2021 Galleri NB, Viborg, Denmark [Collections] (solo)
        Janus Vestjyllands Kunstmuseum, Denmark [Efter-billeder] (group)
        Galleri NB, Viborg, Denmark [Waou] (group)
        Katholische Akademie, Schwerte, Germany [Lebenszeichen] (group)
2020 Galleri NB, Viborg, Denmark [Contemporary Human] (group)

        Galerie subject object, Berlin, Germany [Reality Loves Utopia] (duo)
2019 Galleri NB, Viborg, Denmark [Waou] (group)
        Eks-Rummet, Copenhagen, Denmark [Plastik] (group)
        kunstmix, Copenhagen, Denmark [Maleri & Møbleri] (duo)
        Galleri NB, Viborg, Denmark [Polykrome Forklædninger] (solo)
        kunstmix, Copenhagen, Denmark [REMIX #5 + 6] (group)
2018 Galleri NB, Viborg, Denmark [Flair] (group)
        Galleri NB, Viborg, Denmark [Art, Love & War] (solo)
        kunstmix, Copenhagen, Denmark [REMIX #3 + 4] (group)
2017 kunstmix, Copenhagen, Denmark [REMIX #1 + 2] (group)
        Galleri NB, Viborg, Denmark [Remembering, Recycling & Rebellion] (solo)
2016 Kunsthal Aarhus, Denmark [The Tabulator Project] (group)
2015 Hochschule für bildende Künste, Hamburg, Germany [Das Rote Atelier] (solo)

2013 Bräuning Contemporary, Hamburg, Germany [1987] (group)
        Hinterconti, Hamburg, Germany [Heute,- ultramarin] (group)
        Elektrohaus, Hamburg, Germany [Parallele Welten] (solo)
        Galerie Kub, Leipzig, Germany [Heute,- Zitate und Zutaten] (group)
        Alšova Jiho eská Galerie, Hluboká nad Vltavou, Czech Republic [Gardener or Sculptor] (group)
        Marianne Friis Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark [Something old, Something new, Something
        Borrowed] (group)
        Nullunendlich, Leipzig, Germany [Speicherplatz] (group)
        Galerie Affenfaust, Hamburg, Germany [Heute,- Groteske Wirklichkeit] (group)
2012 Galleri Christoffer Egelund, Copenhagen, Denmark [Girls Just Wanna Have Fun] (group)
        Hafentor 7, Hamburg, Germany [Heute,- Momente] (group)
        Fabrik der Künste, Hamburg, Germany [Zeitgeist] (group)
        Raum linksrechts, Gängeviertel, Hamburg, Germany [Macht Spass] (group)
        Aarhus Kunstbygning, Denmark [Spring] (group)
        Altonaer Museum, Hamburg, Germany [Mensch und Ware] (duo)
        Künstlerhaus Vorwerkstift, Hamburg, Germany [Pappdemokratie] (duo)
2011 Kunsthaus Speckstraße, Gängeviertel, Hamburg, Germany [Heute] (group)

        Den Frie Udstillingsbygning, Copenhagen, Denmark [Kunstnernes Efterårsudstilling] (group)
        Kunsthallen Nikolaj, Copenhagen, Denmark [Fokus - Videokunstfestival] (group)
        Aarhus Kunstbygning, Denmark [Kunstnernes Påskeudstilling] (group)
2010 Valby Kulturhus, Copenhagen, Denmark [Galore III] (group)
        Janus Bygningen, Tistrup, Denmark [Kunstnernes Sommerudstilling] (group)
        Holbæk Højskole, Denmark [Vestsjællands Kunstudstilling] (group)
        Aarhus Kunstbygning, Denmark [Kunstnernes Påskeudstilling] (group)
2009 Galleriet i Koldinggade, Copenhagen, Denmark [Polykrome Forklædninger] (solo)

Work Grants / nominations / biennals
2020 Changwon, South Korea [Changwon Sculpture Biennale]
2016 Cuxhaven, Germany, work grant together with Matvey Slavin [Künstlerhaus im
2014-2015 Künstlerhaus Meinersen, Germany, work grant together with Matvey Slavin
2011-2012 Hochschule für bildende Künste, Hamburg, Germany [Deutschlandstipendium]
2011 Kunsthallen Nikolaj, Copenhagen, nominated video [Focus Video art festival]

Duo Enfants Terribles (Nana Bastrup og Matvey Slavin)

2019 kunstmix, Copenhagen, Denmark [REMIX #5 + #6] (group)

2018 kunstmix, Copenhagen, Denmark [REMIX #3 + #4] (group)
        Maerz Contemporary, Molde, Norway [Urban 2018] (group)

2017 kunstmix, Copenhagen, Denmark [REMIX #1 + #2] (group)
        kunstmix, Copenhagen, Denmark [Popdada – Dadapop] (solo)
        Kunstverein Barsinghausen, Germany [Aus der Natur] (group)

        BIK Galerie 149, Bremerhaven, Germany [Popdadaistische Blabla- & Laufbilder] (solo)

2016 Galerie subjectobject, Berlin, Germany [Popdada] (duo)
        Künstlerhaus im Schlossgarten, Cuxhaven, Germany [Cuxhavener Kuriositäten] (solo)

        Huset I Asnæs, Denmark [Enfants Terribles] (solo)

2015 Galerie Hengevoss-Dürkop, Hamburg, Germany [Erinnerung] (group)

        Künstlerhaus Meinersen, Germany [Kribbel-Krabbel] (solo)

2014 Museet på Koldinghus, Kolding, Denmark [Zimmer Frei] (group)
        Galerie Hengevoss-Dürkop, Hamburg, Germany [Laufbilder und Videoskulpturen] (solo)
        Kunstverein Barsinghausen, Germany [Kinder der Louise B.] (solo)
        Ubik Space, Wien, Austria [Laufbilder] (group)

2013 Galleri Labr, Roskilde, Denmark [Viking Revival] (solo)

        Galerie Kurt im Hirsch, Berlin, Germany [Inszenierte Träume I/II + II/II] (solo)

2012 Bräuning Contemporary, Hamburg, Germany [Vernetzt] (solo)